About Us

Anne Hill International School (AHI) was established in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City as a full-fledged International School and presently offers preschool programmes in two adjacent campuses located at Giang Van Minh Road in An Phu, District 2. In addition to promoting academic excellence, the School places high importance on life skills and values. Integrity, empathy, humility and respect are among the values and virtues the School actively seeks to instil in every student.

We have a mission to:

  • Develop, motivate and culturally enrich students to be enthusiastic and joyful learners
  • Guide all students towards realising their cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential
  • Provide all students the opportunity to learn and succeed during their development at AHI
  • Educate students to be lifelong learners and empathetic leaders of the future 

Our founding principles are to ensure quality education priced affordably, and we aim to provide a safe and conducive environment for students, teachers and all staff members.



Anne Hill International School (AHI) was established in 2015 as a preschool. The School started out with only 6 children in a small yet picturesque campus, tucked away in the heart of An Phu.

Establish AHI


In 2017, AHI expanded its existing campus and facilities to provide students with more outdoor learning experiences. By the end of the year, the community had grown to 80 students.



In 2019, Anne Hill Enrichment Centre (AHE) was established. It is a one-stop centre that offers a variety of enrichment courses including Speech & Drama*, Early Learning and Dance. By targeting different skillsets, the aim is to help build confident, empathetic and expressive communication in our students.

* Anne Hill Enrichment Centre is licensed to deliver the Julia Gabriel Speech & Drama Programmes.

Establish AHE​

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Moving forward, Anne Hill International School will continue to look at ways to improve our children’s learning experience so that they can “reach for the stars” and become empathetic leaders. The School now has 150 students from over 35 nationalities. Despite its expansion, the School remains grounded to its central philosophy - offering affordable, quality and nurturing education.