Information about the content and timing of workshops conducted at Anne Hill International School will be presented here when available.

[Health Talk: ‘Flat Feet and Scoliosis Detection’]

As part of the School Educational Program, the American Chiropractic Clinic Vietnam will provide a Feet and Spine examination – Flat Feet and Scoliosis Detection at Anne Hill International School on Tuesday August 22nd 2017.

With the regular foot scanning and spine examination, ACC’s goal is to improve the awareness of protecting the feet and spine of children, helping to detect and intervene timely.
For more information:

ACC specialized doctor(s) will deliver an informative and educational workshop to the teachers, parents and students on childrens’ foot and spine problems.

With foot/spine models and foot scanning machines, the doctors will assess the children the childrens’ feet.

3.30 PM – 5.30 PM: Foot Scanning and Spine Examination
6 PM – 6.30 PM: Health Talk by Dr. Tim Gallivan

[Health Talk: ‘Parenting for Health’]

Yesterday (April 13th 2017), Family Medical Practice hosted a workshop at Anne Hill International School.

The health talk ‘Parenting for Health’ covered many topics related to Nutrition, Obesity and Good Eating Habits among children.

With pediatrician Dr. Jonathan Halevy and registered dietitian Jill Tuong Truong leading the talk, it was a huge success with a wonderful turnout!

Thank you all for joining us, and we hope to see you at our next AHI-event!

Learn, Grow, Play. – The AHI-Way.

[Workshop: ‘Jolly Phonics’]

Anne Hill International School welcomes Ms. Alia Sheikh, Lecturer for Early Literacy, Phonics coordinator from Canada, and currently teaching and training in Dubai (UAE).
She will be taking you through a series of fun and active Jolly Phonics workshops.

Tonight’s workshop is for all the parents. Are you attending?

Don’t miss this opportunity with us to help your children learn Phonics the FUN way!