Our vision is to build our children’s foundation in such a way that every child is challenged to become confident, worldly and has joy in learning. We like to give each child an opportunity to enhance his/her personality with guidance to learn and enjoy their childhood in a safe, friendly and educational environment.

At Anne Hill International School,

  • We encourage each child’s own personality and skills. Our aim is to give the support to grow both emotionally and physically.
  • Children are motivated to explore and stretch their imagination.
  • Good social skills are being encouraged and a sound moral education is being followed.
  • We aim to constantly challenge little minds to shape the future of the world.
  • Children acquire essential life skills.
  • We believe learning should be fun, hands on as well as challenging.
  • Children have the assurance and trust of being loved and cared for.
  • We aim to provide a good foundation for the rest of the child’s life.
  • Children are not only academically educated, but also worldly.
  • A quality pre-school program will be given by the principal and a team of qualified and dedicated teachers.

Our values are to provide opportunities for children to be free thinkers and independent learners. For instance, the children are taught the value of gratitude and graciousness to help them grow up as happy and emotionally healthy adults.

We want them to enjoy their childhood through PIES: that boosts Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social skills. Learning journeys and hands on learning experiences are essential components of our curriculum which encourages life- long learning skills in our children.

Moreover, we provide character education – with respect, responsibility, honesty and care. At Anne Hill International School we have the best facilities and environment for learning and playing, including a dedicated team of staff and teachers.

At Anne Hill International School, we want the children to discover a world of fun, friendship and love.

We believe learning is a journey, not a race.