We aim to nurture future leaders who uphold the values of integrity, empathy, humility and respect. Leaders who possess a futuristic mindset and are committed to using their talents as global citizens.


We aim to guide students in developing honesty and moral uprightness as they interact with others, so as to be a trustworthy global citizen. Students are constantly reminded to assess the impacts of their own action and what it means for others. Honesty, ethics and fairness play important roles in upholding integrity at AHI. 


We aim to prepare students as leaders for themselves, their communities and their country, to understand their own strengths and needs of others and to show that they care. By being kind and mindful to one another, students are able to create impact for themselves and others and achieve positive outcomes.


We aim to cultivate humble leadership. We strive to create opportunities for students to learn from their peers as they collaborate and interact with others. Self-reflection is a personal development activity that our students will continue to do throughout their school life at AHI.


We aim to help our students understand the importance of showing respect to others with their actions and words. As global citizens, our students will learn to recognise the importance of diversity and respecting other cultures. A respectful attitude is one of the key learning outcomes for teamwork at AHI.

School is where children begin understanding what it means to be a member of an interconnected and global community. Responsible citizenship is an underlying element of our school programmes.  Through a wide range of activities, we aim to equip students with a set of Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social (PIES) skills for their future lives. These include but not limited to problem-solving, public speaking, role-playing, sharing knowledge and presenting one’s own opinion in a group. At Anne Hill International School, we encourage our students to see the beauty around them in a holistic manner while having the courage to face the challenges and realities of the world in which they live. Learning journeys and hands-on learning experiences are essential components of our curriculum as we encourage the development of independent and life-long learning in our students.

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