Anne Hill International School (AHI) was established in 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City as a full-fledged International School and presently offers Preschool and Primary School programmes located at Giang Van Minh Road in An Phu, District 2 (now renamed as Thu Duc City). 

           In addition to promoting academic excellence, AHIS places high importance on life skills and values. Our mission is to deliver affordable, high-quality, international education in a safe and caring environment. With over 40 nationalities, the school strives to provide students with holistic learning experiences that ignite their joy of learning.

Well-Rounded, Globally-Minded, Lifelong Learners




AHI Preschool offers full day and half day programmes for children starting from 18 months old.

Teaching focuses on literacy, numeracy and skills development – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Skills (PIES) – through the use of fun, creative and interactive methods.

For AY 2022 – 2023, AHI Primary offers primary year programmes for students up to Year 5. We recognise the importance of primary years education as a crucial stage for future learning. The AHI Primary School Curriculum emphasises a student-centred and holistic approach to learning along with a global international mindedness. We aim to help our children develop the capacity for inquiry, research, problem-solving as well as essential skills for communication and collaboration. Students are taught to apply what they have learned in different contexts and across disciplines. Our new campus has flexible working spaces that supports various learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom.

Responsible citizenship of the 21st century is an underlying element of the programme. Our school is a Cambridge International School, registered to offer education programmes from Cambridge Assessment International Education, a department of the University of Cambridge. It will be following the The Cambridge Primary Programme framework and standards for subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science. AHI compliments all subjects with the implementation of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Through its inquiry based, hands-on and thematic approach, the IPC guides students to become self-directed learners across various fields and to possess an awareness of global affairs in the world they live in.

Primary school – The newly built primary school (adjacent to the preschool) comprises 10 classrooms, each measuring a minimum of 60 square metes with abundance of natural light
and equipped with LCD projectors and other IT visual devices. Facilities include an auditorium, cafeteria, library, art and music rooms, outdoor playground and (uniquely!) a
sleeping lounge. Abundant green and common spaces within and around the building helps to promote outdoor learning and interaction.


Testimonials & Quotes

Kyleigh's Family

On my first visit to AHI, I felt so comfortable and welcomed by Ms. Kat and Ms. Hill that made me sign up immediately. Kyleigh has been with AHI since she was 2 years old. Her teachers had done a fantastic job to settle her in. We are greeted every day by our first names by Ms. Hill, teachers, and also the security team! I am thankful to everyone in AHI for us to be part of this school. Indeed, AHI raises the bar of international schools in HCMC.

Kyleigh's Family
From Singapore
Fernando & Benjamin's Family

This March, finally, I can send my boys to AHI school again. In the afternoon, my boys came back home and shouted at me: "Mommy, I love to go to school so much!" AHI is a remarkable place. I have always been grateful for the care and education of the teachers. Especially when I was sending my 18-months-old son to full-day classes. Especially when my son went on to primary school. Especially when the pandemic broke out in the past two years. The school played a memorable role in my children's development. So I am incredibly grateful to every teacher who has taught my boys, and I am very thankful to the current teaching team. Only their cooperation can realise our parents' original intention of choosing this school four years ago: it matches our family's expectations of integrity and hard work. I see my boys thrive and flourish in this emotionally-safe and academically-challenging school every day.

Fernando & Benjamin's Family
From Spain
Seri & Yori's Family

My daughter has learned in this school for 5 years. Her school life is so meaningful. She learned a lot of things such as studying, making friends and learning to communicate with other people. I am satisfied with curriculum which has various fields, e.g. Math, English, Speech & Drama , Mandarin and IPC. This school pays a lot of attention to the Math education. I think my daughter's Math skills now are higher than a typical child of the same age in Japan. My family loves the feel of AHI! All teachers and staff are so kind and helpful.

Seri & Yori's Family
From Japan
Tristan & Garance's Family

Moving to Vietnam, we visited many international schools in District 2 and District 7, and looked at all sorts of curriculum (Montessori, Cambridge, PYP). What we found at AHI unlike elsewhere is the combination of a school of human size, with caring teachers/teaching assistants, a small international community of friends/classmates, and a curriculum that provides the students with all the academic building blocks needed to become confident and independent learners. In addition, thanks to the consistency of communication between the school and parents, we are always able to quickly contact the Student Care Department so most of our problems can be easily resolved. We have been satisfied with the online learning experience during COVID-19. The teachers have shown rapid adaptability, creativity and dedication to the students. They have always been available to provide feedback and personal support after class for students in need. They have also ensured every student participated during class and worked closely with us to further support outside the class. Our children love everything about their school and enjoy learning at AHI! In the end, that is what matters the most!

Tristan & Garance's Family
From France
Kam Kah Hee's Family

I am impressed with the teachers' dedication to ensure that every child gets what he/she needs. This is true even during online learning sessions. I am happy with the learning resources and support the teachers have given to Kah Hee. AHI is a fantastic school and Kah Kee enjoys going to school.

Kam Kah Hee's Family
From Singapore
Ayisha's Family

My daughter Ayisha started her schooling at AHI during lockdown. It was tough for her with new school in a new place since we recently moved into Vietnam, but the teachers and staff helped her to make online classes comfortable and efficient. Online sessions and teacher’s feedback to kids on their task was well managed to make 5 months of online classes enjoyable for her. The right collaboration and engagement are added-values here. Thanks to Ms. Hill for guiding the whole team, being a kind teacher and treating us like a family. Since classes started offline in mid-February, it’s great fun for Ayisha to join her friends and teachers physically and now. She has progressed well in terms of her English and other curriculum activities. She also enjoyed great care at school from her teachers and staff. As a parent, I am pleased with the response and support received from AHI. Having understood the good quality of schooling. l I am planning to enrol Ayisha’s brother Zahi as well and I would recommend happily to others too.

Ayisha's Family
From India
Bella & Callie's Family

My kids would love to go to school daily and enjoy that so far. AHI’s staff, both the Principal, teachers, teaching assistants and security guards, have done their jobs greatly and showed the education to children. They are also friendly and approachable. The school facilities are in excellent conditions with the new primary building and big playground for kids. The welcoming atmosphere and proper curricular programme are impressive - they bring children amazing experiences when studying there. Regardless of the size of the school and having only kindergarten programmes at the beginning, I am confident with the launch of the primary school. I strongly believe that Ms. Hill and team will endeavour to develop the school further to achieve the next successful milestone soon. My family is very happy with our choice.

Bella & Callie's Family
From Vietnam




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