Located in a quiet neighbourhood of An Phu, our preschool is a breezy area with lots of space and greenery. All the facilities around it are designed to create a positive and holistic learning experience for every child.

The extensive outdoors area offers a large covered playground, water play features, sandpit and mini-trampoline where our children can enhance their physical growth and self-confidence.


Football Field:
Our football field is designed to host physical education and football training for students from an early age. We have partnered with a reputable sports organisation to conduct all of these activities. In addition, the highlight of the field is the large umbrella (shaped like a seashell) where classes can conduct learning activities in groups under the shelter.

Our canteen is located in a separate building just behind the classrooms and football field. The open-space concept is designed to provide students with a spacious area to dine as well as host various events and functions. All meals catered in the building are prepared daily, and we try to incorporate as many international cuisines as possible in our recipes. We do not serve food and drinks with traces of nuts or nut oils, confectionery, sweets, crisps and sugary/fizzy drinks.

With an abundance of windows and lights, the canteen also features a rooftop garden where students can grow their own fruits and vegetables for their cooking classes.