Our teachers come from different cultures and various walks of life. At AHI, we believe in embracing diverse perspectives as we work towards providing a holistic learning experience, and our classrooms are a reflection of this.

At AHI, our school embodies a nurturing community characterised by camaraderie, fun and compassion. Our team is wholeheartedly committed to the growth and happiness of every AHI student. This unwavering dedication to fostering positivity and growth finds its roots in our qualified teachers and staff, each an expert in their field. Ranging from Early Childhood Education to Primary School, Specialist Subjects, and Educational Management, each member brings unique management and academic proficiencies to the table.

Hailing from a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds, our teachers offer a spectrum of perspectives. We firmly believe in the power of diverse viewpoints, a belief that resonates throughout our holistic learning approach. Our classrooms thrive as dynamic spaces where these diverse perspectives intertwine, enhancing the educational journey for all involved. At AHI, our teachers and staff are the backbone of an inclusive and enriching educational expedition.

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