After School Care Service

The After School Care service is extended to parents who are unable to pick up their child on time due to work or other unforeseen circumstances. The service will apply at the following times:

Preschool: 5pm – 7pm
Primary School: 3pm – 7pm (no CCAs); 4pm – 7pm (participating in CCAs)

3pm – 5pm: Anne Hill International School (AHI)
5pm – 7pm: Anne Hill Enrichment Centre (AHE)*
* All students will be transported to AHE for any pick-ups after 5pm; school will be closed.

• Daily rate: 150,000 VND per hour
• Price is inclusive of transportation to AHE for pick-ups after 5pm
• Afterschool care will be charged if parents are late than 3.15pm (Primary school) and 5.15pm (Preschool).

* Mode of payment: Cash upon pick-up of the child

For more information on termly package, please contact our Student Care team.

Primary School