We offer preschool programmes from age 18 months old. For primary school, in AY 2022-2023, we will have all years available up to Year 5.

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Approximately over 40 nationalities are represented in our school.

Despite being an affordable and “no-frills” school, we provide a range of facilities that ensure a good quality education in a safe environment. Classrooms have an abundance of natural light and are equipped with teaching aids that encourage collaborative work. Campus facilities include a football field, eco-garden, canteen, water play area, coffee corner, library, multi-purpose arts room, outdoor playground and a rock-wall. Abundance of greenery and common spaces surrounding the building also help to promote outdoor learning and interaction.

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We also partner with Anne Hill Enrichment Centre to provide after school activities at specialized facilities such as the dance studio, auditorium and multi-purpose classrooms.  

Our Schedule of Fees is available on the website:

A one-time non-refundable registration fee is applicable for new/ re-enrolments. Kindly note that for primary school, there is an additional annual student service and amenities fee (required) and EAL fee (if applicable)

Currently we have Early Bird Tuition Fees (applicable to one-time annual payment before the deadline), loyalty discounts and sibling discounts. Please refer to our Schedule of Fees for more information.


International Early Years Curriculum is AHI’s main curriculum, complemented by other teaching methods such as Montessori, Jolly Phonics and Numicon. Physical Education, Moral Education and 2nd Language (Vietnamese & Mandarin) are also included in our curriculum for preschoolers. All classes are conducted in English with the exception of 2nd Language which will be conducted in Mandarin and Vietnamese.

We are very proud to have over 40 nationalities represented in our school. As your child is at an age where they can pick up languages easily and they are constantly immersed in an English speaking environment, we believe that your child will be able to pick up the English language. In preparation for school, kindly expose your child to the English language in their daily life and learn to use basic common phrases/words. Should there be any concerns, please contact our principal for further discussion.

Half-day means that the students will attend school from 8am – 1pm. Full-day means that students attend school from 8am – 5pm.

There is no nap time for half-day students because they will leave after lunch. As for full-day students, nap time is 1.5 hours.

Our teacher to student ratio for Preschool is as follow: 

Playgroup – 1 : 4

Nursery 1 – 1 : 5

Nursery 2 – 1 : 5.5

Kindergarten – 1 : 6

Primary School

The AHI Primary School curriculum follows the Cambridge International Primary Programme complemented by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The emphasis is on hands-on and inquiry-based learning. This includes laying the foundation for conceptual understanding and application in real life situations. Subjects taught include English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), PE, Music, Art, IPC and 2nd Language. Social/emotional development and teaching of values are embedded in the teaching and learning of the subjects.


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AHI Primary School does not follow Montessori curriculum but will follow the Cambridge International Primary School Programme and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Nevertheless, the philosophy of Montessori – independent and hands-on learning is the same and emphasised in the primary teaching and learning. This especially applies to IPC because it adopts a self-inquiry and hands-on learning approach.

The Cambridge International Primary Programme complemented by the International Primary Curriculum enable students at AHI to develop their knowledge and skills in core subjects and across disciplines. The Cambridge International Primary Programme is adopted across 1800 primary schools in over 95 countries worldwide.

The focus in Primary School is on values development and building the foundation for literacy and numeracy skills. With a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy skills and with the right values and learning attitude, AHI is confident that the child is able to keep up with the education system of other countries.

We generally enrol students base on the age group that is often applied for most Cambridge schools. For year 2, your child is age 6 in August. This means he/she is in Primary 1 of the U.S./Singapore education system.

It is important for your child to immerse in the English speaking environment as much as possible in order to pick up the language. Nevertheless, at AHI, we are able to offer differentiated teaching/worksheets that are suited to your child’s level of English. Our class ratio also enables us to give your child additional support if required. We also offer additional English as a Second Language (EAL) support to students (from 4 years old and above) who need extra help. This is a termly programme that parents will need to register for until the child possesses sufficient English language skills to follow the curriculum taught in class. 

Checkpoint/formal assessment at year 5/year 6 – stringent checks by Cambridge to ensure that the school is ready for the standardised assessment across different countries. We will also have our own internal assessments at every level to ensure that our students are ready for the checkpoint assessments.

English is the main teaching medium for all subjects with the exception of 2nd Language. Currently Vietnamese Language & Culture (VLC) and Mandarin are offered as 2nd Language. More languages can be offered in the future, depending on demand.

Vietnamese class is compulsory for students of Vietnam nationality. For other international students, they can choose to take either Vietnamese or Mandarin class (concurrent sessions for both Vietnamese and Mandarin). 2nd Language classes including Mandarin will be offered as After School Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) for Vietnamese students.

The Vietnamese language and the country’s culture will be taught during the class. For Year 4 onwards, student will also learn about Geography and History of Vietnam. Please refer to for more information.

We provide a variety of activities such as languages, sports, Speech & Drama, board games, music and dance. CCAs may change each term so that students can explore different areas and interests. However, for skill-based CCAs, commitment to the CCA for one year is strongly encouraged.  Tuition Fees do not cover CCAs. For more information please refer to 

No, they are not compulsory. Students may leave at 3pm if they do not enrol for a CCA. However, we strongly encourage students to participate for an all-rounded development and exploration. These CCAs are specially designed to appeal to different interests and passions.

Primary school’s ratio: 

Y1 – 1:8

Y2 and above – 1:12


Please ensure that you and your child have visited the school together. We would like to emphasise the fact that we need to see your child before enrolment can be accepted.

 For more detailed steps of our Admissions Process, please refer to the following link:

Your child may start school upon fulfilment of the enrolment process. This includes the payment of fees (registration fee and tuition fees) and completion of the medical health check. Kindly note that the start date may be subject to change should there be a delay in any of the above procedures. For more information kindly refer to steps 6 – 9 at

This means that the grade of your child’s class is currently full. We will contact you immediately should a spot open up. The waiting time will depend on the size of the waiting list.

Yes. Anne Hill International School reserves the right to request for documents should we need more details about your child’s academic and developmental progress. Our Admissions & Student Care team will be in contact with you during the admissions process.

Preschool students will be assessed on their physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills.

Primary School students will be assessed on their academics (Literacy and Numeracy) and readiness to learn (physical, mental and psychological readiness of the student).

The Admissions & Student Care team will follow-up with you should we require further assessments from external parties.

Student Well-Being

The AHI uniform is a means of showing our identity and school pride to the wider community. It also helps students recognise the importance of practical and safe school wear. Students of all ages are required to wear their uniforms to campus at all times provided by the school.  Students are also required to observe the following shoe policy:

  • Preschool: Closed shoes, no flip flops / sandals
  • Primary School: Closed black sports shoes

Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for more information on the attire and accessories which are permitted on campus. 


Preschool (Half-Day) and Primary School – Morning Snack and Lunch are included.

Preschool (Full-Day) – Morning Snack, Lunch and Afternoon Snack are included.

We serve a mixture of Asian and Western cuisines. We are able to cater to vegetarians and students with allergies or other dietary requirements.

We take allergies very seriously; hence, the school being a nut-free environment. As part of the school’s health-conscious motto, we do not encourage students to consume sweet confectionery during school hours.

The preschool child can be picked at 4-5pm; however, primary school students are to be picked up at 3pm unless they have a CCA activity on the day or are registered for the after school care programme.

Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for more information at