An innovative hands-on approach to an all rounded pre-school education.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates the Montessori method with the enrichment programs in an conducive and creative learning environment.

  • The Montessori Approach
  • Focuses on maintaining the individuality of each child in the learning process. This method believes each child learns at his/her own pace and should not be rendered based upon comparing students to one another.
Jolly Phonics

Jolly phonics is a comprehensive literacy program starting with the early phonics teaching which is then revised and extended with the teaching of grammar, spelling and punctuations.
Enrichment programs include:

  • A project base approach on t hematic monthly themes.
  • Young chef cookery classes
  • Scrap booking using the 3’R’s (recycle, reuse, reduce)
  • Eco gardening for all ages
  • Art and Craft ( indoors/outdoors)
  • Young Art’s theatre including speech and drama.
  • Clay pottery
  • Music & Movement
Facilities (outdoors)
  • A multi purpose play unit.
  • Outdoor swimming pool/ water play activities.
  • Sand and mud pit areas.
  • Mini golf.
  • Trampoline mini park.
Classes guided by the Montessori Approach.
  • Playgroup – Our playgroup program aims to create a home-to- home environment transition to provide a warm, welcoming, secure and fun environment.
  • Nursery One – A stepping stone to settling into a creative, hands on project approach, to allow the children to have freedom of choice with their activities.
  • Nursery 2 – Our children will enjoy a fully balanced learning program, which includes the Jolly Phonics reading and writing program in preparation for their next step – i.e . kindergarten.
  • Kindergarten One – children at this stage will learn and enjoy structured lesson planned programs, that will nurture them physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially .
  • Kindergarten 2- We aim for our children to be independent, self motivated, having a wide range of worldly knowledge with an ability to move to the next level of formal mainstream education.
Enrichment Program
  • An enhanced curriculum featuring
  • Project base approach
  • Scrap- booking using recycle materials
  • Master chef cookery
  • Indoor and outdoor art and craft
  • Moral education role-play.
  • Young Arts Theatre
  • Music/Movement