“Gift of Giving” Donation Drive of AHI 2021

A couple of photos capturing our “Gift of Giving” campaign just before the holiday season. This campaign was a donation drive that aimed to support underprivileged children (Ward 14, District 8) who had lost family members due to COVID-19 or had their livelihoods severely impacted by the pandemic.

❤ Our fundraiser received contributions from parents, students, staff and benefactors of the school community.

❤ All the necessities, as well as learning resources, were given directly to 17 children and their families to support them in their daily life and school life during the pandemic.

❤ With the help from local authorities of Ward 14, District 8, the distribution was organized smoothly.

On behalf of Anne Hill International School, we would like to thank everyone who have contributed and coordinated our donation drive. We are so grateful to have this opportunity to share kindness and positivity with the community.