Anne Hill International School is open!

Sunday May 22nd, Anne Hill International School had its Open House.

The gates opened at 8 a.m. and right from the beginning people were enjoying themselves with all kinds of fun activities. During the day children could get their hair braided, their face painted, or even get a henna tattoo.

The big hit for the children was definitely the trampoline!

Hamleys, one of our big sponsors, brought very exciting games for the children to play with and Haagen Dazs, our other big sponsor, was walking around with very yummy ice-cream.

With the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 a.m., Anne Hill International School was officially opened to the public!

It was a busy day with many people taking a peek into our classrooms and outside area. We hope to have given you a good impression of our school, but if any questions remain please contact us.

Our team had lots of fun yesterday and we enjoyed seeing our guests having fun as well! We would like to thank everyone for coming and spread our gratitude to everyone that helped out.

Learn, Grow, Play.
The AHI-team


Primary School