Implementation Of Mindfulness In AHI’s Classroom

Mindfulness is about observing and experiencing every moment of life in the light of consciousness. Every emotion, every action, even the most subtle, is observed in full awareness when it settles in the space of mindfulness

Cultivating mindfulness in students’ learning environment has also benefited them physically and psychologically and has been shown to lead to improvements in self-awareness and self-esteem. Here are 3 accessible tips for mindfulness in AHI’s classroom or you can apply them to your daily life, click on each photo to discover the benefits of mindfulness ?

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Mindful Affirmations are positive words or phrases that we often put on our class board for our students to see first thing in the morning. By doing this, our students can ground their minds to return to the present when their mind is distracted by negative thoughts or when a student is carried away by negative self-image


“The Quiet Time” is another way to practise mindfulness during the break before the next learning activity. Students can choose what they want to do during the time, whether it be a short duration to calm their minds or to finish their assignment so that they have a sense of independence and self-determination during that time. Therefore, The students can count on “The Quiet Time” each day to develop themselves.


Through these Storytelling and Yoga sessions at Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, every lesson is an English learning “adventure” with interesting stories as a catalyst for children to “interact” with their breath and, most importantly, help them be fully here in every minute of the present. For more information on our Yoga and Story-telling Course, please refer to the link’s post below or message so that we can support you accordingly:…/a.29198113…/7607604952612786/


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