Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator cum Librarian

Overview as a Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator 

The Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator at the international school is a key role responsible for supporting the diverse needs of the school’s extra-curricular programs. The successful candidate will work closely with students, teachers, and external stakeholders to create a vibrant and engaging programme that helps students develop their interests, skills, and talents. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  1. Curriculum Development: The Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator will work with the academic team to develop a co-curricular programme that provides opportunities for students to enhance their skills, build confidence, and grow resilience.
  2. Program Management: The Coordinator will create schedules, manage budgets, and oversee the programme’s daily operations, ensuring all activities are delivered in a safe and secure environment. 
  3. Recruitment and Training: The Coordinator will recruit and supervise instructors, coaches, and trainers to deliver high-quality programs.
  4. Student Participation: The Coordinator will ensure that the co-curricular programs meet the interests and needs of students and will work closely with students to recruit and retain participants.
  5. Budget Management: The Coordinator will manage the budget for the co-curricular programme, allocating expenditures, and ensuring that the programme remains financially sustainable.
  6. Communication and Promotion: The Coordinator will work with the marketing team to create promotional materials to promote activities, update students and parents, and maintain a healthy engagement rate. 
  7. Evaluation and Reporting: The Coordinator will evaluate programme effectiveness, collect and report data, and identify areas for improvement.


– A Bachelor’s degree in education, recreation, or related fields. 

– Strong interpersonal skills, with experience in working with children, young adults, and instructors from diverse backgrounds. 

– Creative problem-solving skills and attention to detail. 

– Demonstrated leadership and management skills. 

– Excellent communication and organizational skills. 

– An understanding of budgeting and financial planning 

– Previous experience in education and activities planning, or youth leadership roles is preferred. 

– Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, Google Suite, and other software applications 


The Co-curricular Activities Coordinator is a full-time position that requires an individual who can work independently, remotely, and in a team environment. The candidate needs to be respectful of different cultures, values, and have a commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

They must also be able to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate evenings and weekends’ activities, if need be. 


Overview as a Librarian 

The Librarian plays a crucial role in facilitating access to information, promoting literacy, and creating a welcoming environment for library users. They manage and organise resources, assist patrons (students and staff) with research needs, and develop engaging programmes and services. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Collection Management: Acquire, catalog, and maintain library resources to ensure a diverse and up-to-date collection. 

Reference and Research Assistance: Help patrons locate and access information resources, provide reference services, and assist with research inquiries. 

Reader Advisory Services: Offer recommendations and guidance to patrons based on their interests and reading needs. 

Programming and Outreach: Develop and implement programmes to promote reading, literacy, and lifelong learning. 

Information Literacy Instruction: Conduct workshops to educate users on research techniques and use of library 

Library Operations: Manage day-to-day operations, including circulation, shelving, and maintaining a user-friendly environment. 

Technology Management: Assist patrons with technology use and support digital resources. 


Bachelor’s degree:  

Strong knowledge of library principles and practices. 

Familiarity with library technologies and digital resources. 

Excellent research and communication skills. 

Enthusiasm for reading and broad knowledge of literature. 

Proficiency in computer skills and organisational abilities. 

Prior library or customer service experience is desirable. 


Please fill out this form to start the application process. Kindly ensure that your Resume and Motivation Letter are neatly organised in PDF Format and must include a photo. Applications that do not meet these basic requirements may be subjected to automatic disqualification.

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