Marketing Manager

Position: Marketing Manager
Department: Management
Reporting line: General Director

Job overview:
The Marketing Manager is responsible for implementing the annual marketing plan and communication strategies across all Anne Hill educational facilities, campuses, and centres.
The role is an acting Head for day-to-day marketing activities, which involves leading the communication marketing team to achieve KPIs, adhering to the budget set by the Management Board, attend management meetings and collaborating with other department heads to provide daily marketing support.

Duties & Responsibilities
Marketing Strategy & Planning:
• Create and plan marketing initiatives, communications, events, and other customer touch points across all campuses aligned with the school’s vision.
• Implement marketing strategies and communication plans as instructed by the General Director and Head of Vision & Strategy, including developing plan proposals for individual marketing campaigns.
• Update the annual School Calendar and Schedule of Fees in collaboration with the team.
• Review competitor marketing strategies, identify effective techniques, messages, and channels, and adapt marketing & communication strategies for the school.

Team Leadership & Management:
• Lead and delegate tasks to the marketing team to ensure the achievement of KPIs and adherence to the marketing budget.
• Proactively encourage and support team training and development; conduct performance evaluations.
• Oversee the planning and coordination of schoolwide events.
• Ensure the team adheres to financial and purchasing processes during marketing activities.
• Approve day-to-day marketing expenses based on the school’s approval matrix.
• Assist in securing sufficient marketing resources, team development, and manpower for campus expansions.

Creative Direction & Content Management:
• Responsible for the creative direction of all marketing collateral, including providing briefs, reviewing, and conducting quality control on photos, videos, texts, visual designs for various communication platforms and campaigns before submission to the Head of Vision & Strategy for approval.
• Design and review all forms of copywriting and mass communication templates.
• Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders.

Digital Marketing:
• Plan and execute all digital marketing efforts, including but not limited to SEO/SEM, marketing databases, AdWords, GDN, Facebook, YouTube advertising, email, social media, and online display advertising.

Collaboration & Support:
• Work with the team to promote and create awareness for school programmes or events.
• Liaise with other Heads of Departments to provide day-to-day marketing support and execute events.
• Work with the Admissions & Student Care team to plan and organise activation events to attract prospective parents.
• Support the marketing team with other tasks and events during peak times.

Budget & Reporting:
• Manage the marketing budget and expenses and work with the General Director to propose the marketing budget to the Management Board.
• Produce monthly marketing reports against a range of KPIs to evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns, with new ideas and actionable recommendations.
• Provide a year-end report and analysis of the marketing plan.
• Attend management meetings on behalf of the marketing team.

Additional Responsibilities:
• Ensure familiarity with all health, safety, fire safety, and emergency procedures.
• Any other tasks assigned by the General Director, Deputy Director and COO.

Education and/or Experience
• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Marketing
• Three or more years of related experience
• Experience in leading a marketing team
• Experience in the education sector is preferred

Skills, Capabilities & Traits
• Fluent in English and Vietnamese (written and spoken)
• Strong interpersonal skills
• High sense of responsibility and self-initiative
• Excellent problem-solving skills
• Ability to organise and delegate tasks effectively
• Knowledge of Integrated Marketing Communication Plans and the technical skills to execute various areas
• Familiarity with Branding Guidelines and their implementation
• Proficient in key media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.
• Understanding of design elements and editing software (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator) to develop creative directions
• Analytical skills to generate insights based on trends and meet KPIs
• Good copywriting skills


Please fill out this form to start the application process. Kindly ensure that your Resume and Motivation Letter are neatly organised in PDF Format and must include a photo. Applications that do not meet these basic requirements may be subjected to automatic disqualification.

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