School Nurse

  • Provide direct care to students, including those with chronic conditions and disabilities that require care during the school day
  • Oversee all health services within the school, including immunisation and health screenings
  • Develop health-related aspects of emergency response plans
  • Promote a healthy school environment through program development, communication, information management, and reporting.
  • Assist with holistic policies and programmes within the school system
  • Serve as a liaison between the school and families, doctors and staff on health-related matters

Job specifics will be discussed during the interview.

Interested? Please submit your application via the form on our website or through our HR email at


Student Safeguarding:
At AHI, we are committed to student safeguarding. All applicants are required to provide accurate, detailed and verifiable information about their employment history, including any aspects of their past or profile that could affect our reputation or the well-being of our community. All successful candidates are also expected to understand and adhere to AHI’s Code of Professional Conduct.


Please fill out this form to start the application process. Kindly ensure that your Resume and Motivation Letter are neatly organised in PDF Format and must include a photo. Applications that do not meet these basic requirements may be subjected to automatic disqualification.

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