Anne Hill International School’s Educational Adventure in Vung Tau

Embark on an educational adventure to Vung Tau with primary school students from Anne Hill International School. Over two days and one night, experience a meticulously planned expedition exploring the coastal wonders of this vibrant city. Teaming up with FOX ADVENTURES VIETNAM, this adventure seamlessly integrates learning with life experiences, offering invaluable insights into Vung Tau’s geographical and historical culture.

Day 1: Unveiling Cultural Marvels

museum; some people
Ba Ria – Vung Tau Museum is located at 4 Tran Phu Street, the centre of Front Beach, Vung Tau City. Showcasing a diverse collection of artefacts, exhibits, and artworks.

The adventure commenced at the Vung Tau Provincial Museum, where students were guided through a rich tapestry of artefacts and artwork. Immersed in the historical narratives and cultural heritage of Vung Tau, our young scholars gained invaluable insights into the essence of this coastal gem.

2 teams; participate in activities

Returning to the hotel, students eagerly engaged in dynamic team-building activities, fostering collaboration and friendly competition. Split into teams, they enthusiastically participated in a series of challenges, forging bonds and creating lasting memories.

Day 2: Embracing Adventure

Daybreak unveiled endless adventures at Ho May Park, a fusion of cultural and eco-tourism attractions. Students marveled at Vung Tau’s panoramic vistas from cable cars and relished cultural performances. The ascent to the iconic Jesus Christ Statue provided a breathtaking perspective of the city’s beauty and grandeur.

A visit to Greenfield Farmstay offered a rustic retreat, brimming with games and team-building exercises. From spirited games to exhilarating races, each activity nurtured camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The day culminated with a lavish BBQ feast amidst the tranquil ambiance of Greenfield Farmstay. As students shared tales and cooled off in the pool, anticipation for the next day’s adventures soared.

Preserving Natural Splendor

Journeying to Suoi Da 5 Ho in Ba Ria district, students engaged in eco-conscious activities, dividing into groups to conquer physical challenges and clean up the surroundings. Overcoming obstacles, they reveled in the cool waters of natural rock pools and relished the panoramic views from the mountaintop.

Reflecting on Growth

This educational escapade, is a part of International Primary Curirculum (IPC) to ensures that our students develop the skills and attributes that will help them to become independent and flexible learners that are prepared for the future. By intertwining academic pursuits with real-world experiences, we nurture well-rounded scholars with the opportunity to learn and respect diverse perspectives, effectively communicate across cultures and ultimately, understand and address global challenges in their world.

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