COVID-19 – Simple Exercise Routine That You Can Do At Home


Following our theme of healthy living, here is our P.E. teacher showing our students a simple exercise routine that can be done at home in absence of our obstacle courses at school. Being healthy isn’t a goal – it’s a way of living. We hope our children will continue to develop their coordination and motor skills wherever they are.

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COVID-19 – How To Wash Your Hands Properly

A few days ago, UNICEF shared a viral clip of the “hand washing dance” choreographed by Quang Dang. The catchy tune is none other than “Ghen Co Vy” by Khac Hung, Min and Erik in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Vietnam. The literal translation is Jealous Ms. Vy but the play on words is Jealous COVID.

As the song takes the internet by storm, it has also brought our attention back to the basics of hand-washing – a very straightforward routine but its steps are often over looked.

Below is a clip of one our teachers showing the AHI community on how to wash their hands properly. Share it with your friends and family and let’s do our part in minimising the spread of the infection.

Coronavirus Outbreak Notice – What You Can Do

Amidst the outbreak, let’s do our part to minimise the risk of infection among the community. Here are a few protective measures that you and your family can do on a daily basis. If symptoms start to show, please wear a mask and visit the doctors immediately.

For more information and advices for the public, please refer to the World Health Organisation’s technical guidance here:…/novel-coronavirus-2…/advice-for-public

Lunar New Year 2020

Yesterday was the last day of school before our Tet holidays officially begun. To commence the festive afternoon, each class was responsible for setting up a game.

Against the backdrop of hand-made lanterns, we danced and sang to Tet songs. A round of applause to our teaching assistants who prepared diligently for their performances.

Last but not the least, we could not forget the highlight of the afternoon – The Lion Dance – which brought the whole school community together to witness a symbolic ritual.

On behalf of Anne Hill International School, we would like to wish all parents, students and teachers a Happy Lunar New Year!



Speech & Drama Open Week

This week was our final week, also known as “Open Week”, for Term 2 Speech & Drama.

For the past 11 weeks, our children had been working towards a short performance at the end of the term. This term’s main focus was ‘expressive speaking skills’, which incorporated poetry, catch phrases and voice projection.

We would like to thank all parents who came to the Open Week at Anne Hill Enrichment Centre. We hope you enjoyed your child’s performances and the progress they made for the past two terms.

Christmas Concert 2019

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”

Just like how we would hum to the melody of this Christmas carol, our Christmas Concert performances last Friday were tributes to some of our favourite animated films. From classics such as The Jungle Book to recent releases such as Minions, AHI students celebrated different generations of music through their choreographies and costumes.

We would like to thank all parents who turned up to support our children during their dances. A very big thank you to our Parents Volunteer Group for their help to design and create beautiful props of each performance.

Thank you and we wish you all a wonderful Winter break and Happy New Year.


Teacher’s Day 2019

Dear Teachers,

Without your guidance, we would not become the person we are today. Thank you for showing us in the way we want to learn – not making us learn the way others want us to learn. You have taught us beyond the books and inspired our curiosity.

On behalf of all AHI students, we would like to wish all our teachers and staff at AHI a very Happy Teacher’s Day! You are not only our teacher, but also our friend, mentor and family – all together as one. We will always be grateful for the knowledge you share and the love you give us.

Learn. Grow. Play. The AHI Way.

Winter Camp 2019

December is just around the corner. Our school will be closed for Winter break…but our Centre is not! 

 We are excited to announce that our very first Winter Camp will be held at Anne Hill Enrichment Centre. 

  •  Date: Mondays – Fridays; 16th – 31st December (closed on 24th & 25th December) 
  • Time: 8am – 3pm 
  • Age groups: 18 months – 3 years old; 3 – 6 years old 
  • Location: Anne Hill Enrichment Centre @ Estella Place 

This year’s theme is none other than Winter Wonderland – a tribute to the perfect seasonal song and lyrics that describe the festive atmosphere. Through various enrichment courses spanning across 10 days, students will be able to experience and appreciate various activities associated with the holiday. From making their own marshmallow igloos to preparing gift exchanges with their peers, students will get to re-create their own interpretation of what winter is to them. 

The fee for Winter Camp is 5,300,000 VND.

For more information on the Winter Camp, please do not hesitate to contact our administrator.