Tet Celebration 2024 at AHIS

Wishing you a happy New Year! This year, the AHIS community joyfully hosted a Tet celebration at our Preschool Campus, heralding the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. The event was a vibrant showcase of our community’s diversity, featuring cultural performances, traditional activities, and heartfelt wishes.

Embracing Tradition: Cultural Performances by Anne Hill Students

Anne Hill international school students dazzled the audience with their cultural performances, ranging from traditional dances to melodious musical renditions. These performances not only entertained but also highlighted the rich tapestry of cultures within our community.

Exploring Heritage: Traditional Activity Booths

Attendees immersed themselves in Vietnamese customs and traditions through interactive booths offering experiences such as calligraphy and traditional crafting. These activities provided valuable insights into Vietnamese culture and fostered cross-cultural understanding.

Mesmerizing Moments: Grandiose Lion Dance Performances

The energetic lion dance performances enthralled the audience, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune for the upcoming year. Their vibrant movements and rhythmic drumming added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Unity and Community: Blessings and Wishes on the Wishing Tree

The wishing tree, adorned with blessings and wishes from the Anne Hill international school community, served as a powerful symbol of unity and shared aspirations. Families gathered around it, exchanging well-wishes and reinforcing the bonds of our close-knit community.

At AHI, diversity is celebrated as a cornerstone of our education philosophy. The Tet celebration provided an opportunity to showcase the beauty of our multicultural community and promote understanding and acceptance among students, parents, and staff.

As foreign parents residing in Ho Chi Minh City, your active participation enriches the fabric of our multicultural community. By engaging in events like the Tet celebration, you contribute to the cultural vibrancy and collective spirit of our school.

In conclusion, the Tet celebration at AHI Preschool Campus was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of our diverse community. As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, let us continue to cherish and celebrate the unique cultural heritage that binds us together.

For those who missed the Tet celebration 2024, you can relive the experience through our YouTube channel at: (TET CELEBRATION 2024)

See more our event:https://annehill.school/ahi-family/

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