Vietnamese’s Teacher Day at AHI School

Anne Hill International School – Honoring Our Educators on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day

The Anne Hill International School community recently united for a heartfelt appreciation session, recognizing the dedication of our esteemed teachers and learning assistants. This special occasion coincident with Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, creating a day filled with sincerity, gratitude, and celebration.

Expressing Appreciation with Genuine Wishes and Warm Embraces

The event served as a poignant tribute to the commitment of our educators. Sincere wishes, fragrant bouquets, thoughtful tokens, and warm embraces filled the atmosphere, articulating the profound gratitude felt by the entire community. It was a day where parents and academic leaders collaborated to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless dedication of our teaching staff.

Creating a Comunity Companions With Children

Anne Hill International School is dedicated to forging a collaborative environment where educators and parents become companions in the learning journey of each student. We provide an abundance of resources, ensuring parents stay informed and engaged in their child’s education.

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