HO HO HO! The last week of Term 2 is full of Christmas cheer with the excellent performers of our Preschool and Primary School. What a great way to end the term with the excitement of the AHI community at this year’s Frozen Christmas Concert and Secret Santa Gift Exchange.

Thank you and we wish all of our AHI families Happy Holidays and for those who are attending Winter Wonderland camp this year, we’ll see you next week!

Christmas Sports Carnival 2020

Our Christmas Sports Carnival in a nutshell.
This holiday season we were unable to host our annual event with parents. However, this did not stop us from channeling the festive spirit during our normal school day. Besides our mini performances, our school community came up with games made out of recycled materials. In addition, we had our first sports competition – festive edition.
Ending the event was a Santa Surprise and a very special ride!
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Importance of School Assemblies at AHI

A sneak peak into our weekly assembly that is held every Friday. This is a gathering where by students, their classmates and teachers are reminded about the school values in a fun manner. Integrity. Empathy. Respect. Humility. Forget about boring presentations – we sing songs, celebrate personal and group achievements and actively discuss about the golden rules around our campus that exist to make our school a happy and welcoming environment.
Primary School