Another good news in town is that the AHI School bus is ready for the new school year!

Our staff have completed a safety check to ensure that all of our school buses are fully equipped with medical first aid, standard seat belts, fire prevention and other safety checks for the well-being of our students.

Countdown to #Backtoschool day, we will continue to our school community with the latest news in the coming days. Are you excited?


What’s In Our Summer Camp 2022?

At AHI we always raise the awareness for environmental protection among students through lessons and activities. Our students made recycled products using recycled materials such as paper, plastic, etc. It gives them a sense of environmental protection and allows them to immerse their creativity. Additionally, activities have been extended to the outdoors such as soccer, role-playing, and yoga. Through various activities, we hope students learn to embrace the beauty of Mother Nature and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.


#Staypossitivetestnegative at AHI!

Together we have been through unprecedented times with many experiences. More than anything, the most powerful message is about maintaining good physical and mental health.

#StayPositiveTestNegative is one of our campaigns that encourages the school community to stay vigilant yet optimistic during the pandemic. It is important to monitor our own health, do self-tests and keep a lookout for symptoms daily – whether it is within or outside of the school.

We hope our student’s optimism will inspire you to overcome your own challenges as well.

Christmas Dance From AHI Students!

When it comes to Christmas, dancing is a must! Have fun together when the festive atmosphere is around the corner and this year is no exception! Our Petals students at AHI are back with another “music video” to liven up the last season of the year. Thank you parents for helping us film and take part in this project. 🥰