#Staypossitivetestnegative at AHI!

Together we have been through unprecedented times with many experiences. More than anything, the most powerful message is about maintaining good physical and mental health.

#StayPositiveTestNegative is one of our campaigns that encourages the school community to stay vigilant yet optimistic during the pandemic. It is important to monitor our own health, do self-tests and keep a lookout for symptoms daily – whether it is within or outside of the school.

We hope our student’s optimism will inspire you to overcome your own challenges as well.

Campus Preparation for School Reopening

On behalf of Anne Hill International School, we are pleased to inform you that our Preschool will reopen on 8th February 2022. As for Primary School, the exact date in February will be announced soon. In order to prepare for a safe school reopening and welcoming of students, we have implemented various school community health & safety guidelines. AHI Parents, you may have received specific guidance via email to prepare for ‘new normal’ schooling. We will continue to update our school community with the latest news and directives. Here is a sneak peek into our campus in preparation for school reopening!

Cambridge Assessment International Education – The persuasiveness and motivation behind one of the UK’s most prestigious educational systems



On behalf of Anne Hill International School, we are thrilled to announce that AHI is now registered as a Cambridge International School!

Cambridge Pathway aims to bridge worldwide outcomes for international schools. Cambridge’s programme requires a high standard and effective teaching methods for students to think and approach problems as global citizens.

We are proud to participate in a global school community that prepares students throughout different stages of their lives. From their schooling, career path to life-long learning. The Cambridge Pathway Programmes are being adopted by more than 10,000 schools, 160 countries and 9 regions. They are also flexible by adapting and adjusting to different cultures to meet the learning needs of the students.

As a Cambridge International School, Anne Hill International School currently offers the Cambridge Primary programme of the Cambridge Pathway (for students from ages 5 to 11).

The Cambridge Primary programme focuses on the holistic development of children. It equips children with confidence, responsibility, curiosity and collaboration. More importantly, students will get to build their foundation across different disciplines and prepare them for the next key stage in the Cambridge Pathway.


Click HERE to know more about the Cambridge Primary programme of our Primary Curriculum

[CANCELLED] AHI Summer Camp 2021


We are pleased to inform you that AHI Summer Camp 2021 is open for registration!


I. Summer Camp (8.30am – 3.00pm) 

  • Date: 5th July – 23rd July 2021 (Mondays – Fridays)
  • Time: 8.30am – 3.00pm
  • Price:
    • 12,000,000 VND (Preschool; 2  – 5 years old)
    • 13,500,000 VND (Primary School; 5 – 9 years old)
  • Location: Anne Hill International School, 31 – 33 Giang Van Minh, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City (District), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This year’s theme is “To The Beach”. With travel restrictions still in place, we hope to bring the feeling of soft sand and breezy beaches to our school grounds. Through a theme that revolves around vacation, students will continue to learn as they immerse themselves in various fun activities.


II. Registration

Please note that we will prioritise registration for the full 3 weeks in order to organise the best class arrangement for all students. This applies to both the main Summer Camp and Extension programmes.


The deadline for registration has been extended to 25th June 2021. 


For more information or to register please contact us via our email at info@annehill.school or call our Summer Camp hotline at 0906946937.


Our previous camp was Anne Hill Enrichment Centre‘s Winter Camp 2020.


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E-Learning at AHI

This week we commenced our e-learning and home learning kits. Our teachers have been diligently working to adapt the lesson plans and deliver the classes online. Even during school closure, it is important that our students stay connected with their teachers and learn with their peers. Stay safe and we hope to see you all again at school soon. 



“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein 

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein 

Playing allows our Preschool children to learn willingly without having any pressure. This kind of setup lets them explore their surroundings more and retain information from their experiences. Learn, Grow, Play – The Anne Hill Way. This has always been our motto for Preschool. In addition, through sensorial and hands-on activities such as Montessori and Speech & Drama, we strive to create a positive environment for students to be curious and express themselves.




Saturday Open House 2021

These are some captures of our Open House last Saturday at Anne Hill International. Thank you to all parents and children for attending. Our event wouldn’t have been more fruitful without your presence!
For those of you who have missed the Open House, no worries. You can still visit the school during weekdays on a scheduled school tour. For more information, kindly visit https://app.annehill.school/appointment
saturday-open-house-2021-1 saturday-open-house-2021-2 saturday-open-house-2021-3 saturday-open-house-2021-4 saturday-open-house-2021-5 saturday-open-house-2021-6 saturday-open-house-2021-7 saturday-open-house-international-school-1 saturday-open-house-international-school-2 saturday-open-house-international-school-3 saturday-open-house-international-school-4 saturday-open-house-international-school-5 saturday-open-house-international-school-6 saturday-open-house-international-school-7 saturday-open-house-international-school-7 saturday-open-house-international-school-8 saturday-open-house-international-school-9

How is IPC – an organised yet flexible curriculum – relevant to today’s context of globalisation?

IPC stands for International Primary Curriculum. It is a global learning programme for children from ages 5 to 11 years old that utilises “thematic units”. Teachers will use the child-friendly themes as an anchor, allowing students tconnect their learning with the external environment as well as between subjects. The IPC Learning Goals are: 

  • Knowledge– what children will know 
  • Skills– what children will be able to do 
  • Understanding– what children will be able to understand 

At the heart of IPC is its reflective Learning Process. For example, through a small session called “Knowledge Harvest” at the beginning, teachers will find out what students already know. After that, they will adapt the lesson plan to create effective classroom activities. IPC learning requires students to stay proactive, hands-on and relevant to the world.  

Children learn best when they want to learn. At Anne Hill Primary School, we encourage children to self-inquire. They are given opportunities to solve problems independently or with their peersThis helps to stimulate curiosity and excitement of students while learning. Through IPC’s focus on international-mindedness, our teachers at AHI will make sure that students are constantly exposed to areas of interests that will prepare them for the future and global community.  

how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-1 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-2 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-3 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-4 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-5 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-6 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-7 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-todays-context-of-globalisation-8 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-international-school-1 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-international-school-2 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-international-school-3 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-international-school-4 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-international-school-5 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-international-school-6 how-is-ipc-an-organised-yet-flexible-curriculum-relevant-to-international-school-7 

Primary School