Another good news in town is that the AHI School bus is ready for the new school year!

Our staff have completed a safety check to ensure that all of our school buses are fully equipped with medical first aid, standard seat belts, fire prevention and other safety checks for the well-being of our students.

Countdown to #Backtoschool day, we will continue to our school community with the latest news in the coming days. Are you excited?


Cambridge Assessment International Education – The persuasiveness and motivation behind one of the UK’s most prestigious educational systems



On behalf of Anne Hill International School, we are thrilled to announce that AHI is now registered as a Cambridge International School!

Cambridge Pathway aims to bridge worldwide outcomes for international schools. Cambridge’s programme requires a high standard and effective teaching methods for students to think and approach problems as global citizens.

We are proud to participate in a global school community that prepares students throughout different stages of their lives. From their schooling, career path to life-long learning. The Cambridge Pathway Programmes are being adopted by more than 10,000 schools, 160 countries and 9 regions. They are also flexible by adapting and adjusting to different cultures to meet the learning needs of the students.

As a Cambridge International School, Anne Hill International School currently offers the Cambridge Primary programme of the Cambridge Pathway (for students from ages 5 to 11).

The Cambridge Primary programme focuses on the holistic development of children. It equips children with confidence, responsibility, curiosity and collaboration. More importantly, students will get to build their foundation across different disciplines and prepare them for the next key stage in the Cambridge Pathway.


Click HERE to know more about the Cambridge Primary programme of our Primary Curriculum

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein 

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein 

Playing allows our Preschool children to learn willingly without having any pressure. This kind of setup lets them explore their surroundings more and retain information from their experiences. Learn, Grow, Play – The Anne Hill Way. This has always been our motto for Preschool. In addition, through sensorial and hands-on activities such as Montessori and Speech & Drama, we strive to create a positive environment for students to be curious and express themselves.





Spend an exhilarating day at Anne Hill International School! 

We are very excited to welcome you and your child to our campus on Saturday, 20th March 2021.

Our school representatives will be there to address any inquiries that you may have including academic facilities and admissions process. 

This is also an opportunity for you to meet our Principal – Ms. Anne Hill – along with other Heads of Department, teachers and staff. They will gladly share with you the educational philosophy and learning experiences that shape our school’s vision, mission and values.  


To register: https://www.formpl.us/form/1904176001 


Time and Venue: 

Time: Morning session: 9 am – 11 am; Afternoon session: 2 pm – 4 pm. 

Venue: 31-33 Giang Van Minh, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. 


Event Agenda: 

Time Activities
Morning session
9am – 10am General Information Session + FAQs
10am – 10.15am General Facility Tour with the Principal
10.15am – 11am Classroom Tour
Afternoon session
2pm – 3pm General Information Session + FAQs
3pm – 3.15pm General Facility Tour with the Principal
3.15pm – 4pm Classroom Tour


About Our School:

Located in Thu Duc City (District 2), Anne Hill International School (AHI) presently offers preschool and primary school programmes for children from ages 18 months to 9 years old.
Besides promoting academic excellence, its mission is to deliver affordable and quality education in a safe and caring environment. The school focus on nurturing life-long learners, creative problem-solvers and empathetic leaders who can use their talent in a diverse community. With over 40 nationalities, the school provides students with holistic learning experiences that ignite their joy of learning.
It also conducts a range of after-school / enrichment programmes through Anne Hill Enrichment Centre (AHE).

AHI School Values: Integrity, Empathy, Respect and Humility

Integrity. Empathy. Respect. Humility. These are the four core school values that we hope to instil in each and every student.

Anne Hill International School is not only a place where we strive for academic excellence, but also a place where children begin to understand what it means to be a member of a community. These four pillars are the foundation of our character development. They are weaved into all of our programmes in order for students to learn how they can contribute to society as future leaders of the 21st century.



We aim to guide students in developing trust, honesty and principles as they interact with others.

When faced with an issue to do what is beneficial and what is right, integrity is an important aspect of leadership that guides students to make a decision that will gain the trust of their peers. Integrity is a choice we make. It reflects who we are and what we believe in. It also constantly reminds us to assess the impacts of our own action and what it means for others. Academic honesty, ethics and fairness play important roles in upholding integrity at AHI.



We aim to prepare students as leaders in their community, to understand the needs of others and to show that they care.

Students will learn the importance of listening to what others have to say before they respond. They will also get an opportunity to see how their thoughts and ideas will make others feel. By being kind and mindful to each other, students are able to evaluate the positive outcomes that their behaviour will have among social settings. As a result, students are able to build upon their interpersonal skills.



We aim to cultivate humble leadership. As students collaborate and interact with others, they learn to appreciate the views that others share. Learning is a life long journey that does not stop with schooling. Humility is a powerful attribute that will allow us to continually strive to do better and learn from others. Self-reflection is an activity that our students will continue to do throughout their school life at AHI in order for them to appreciate personal development.



We aim to help our students understand the importance of showing respect to others in their actions and words.

Treat others like how you want to be treated. This is an old saying but it still applies to today’s context. As global citizens, our students will learn to recognise the importance of diversity and respect other cultures. A respectful attitude – including actions and words – towards difference in perspectives is part of the teamwork experience here at AHI. Even simple gestures such as “thank you” and “please” will help form a healthy learning environment for all.

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